The Advantages of Resin-bound Surfacing

The Advantages of Resin-bound Surfacing

Concrete and dull pavements are no longer the most popular options for residential and commercial establishments. More people prefer using resin bound surfacing. It utilises the strength of concrete found in tarmac but still has a beautiful stone appearance. If you still wonder about whether or not to choose resin, these reasons will help make up your mind.

Quick application

You want to get everything over in the fastest possible time. You can finish resin bound surfacing within one to two days. It can withstand foot traffic six hours after completing the application. Regardless of the purpose, you have the assurance of using it in a short time.

Flexible use

You can use this surfacing for a variety of purposes including driveways, ramps, footpaths, and even swimming pool walkways. Commercial establishments can also use this surfacing to improve the area.

Low maintenance

After installing it, you have the guarantee that it will be easy maintaining the pathway. You can use a pressure washer to clean off dirt on the surface. You can finish it within a few minutes. Resin bound surfacing also prevents the growth of weeds. Even if the weeds manage to survive, you can still easily brush them off.

Smooth result

Given the quality of the mixture that holds the stones tightly, the final results will not shatter or break. Cracking and displacement are not possible with resin bound surfacing.


Given the nature of the materials used, you can expect the final result to remain in good condition for a long time. Again, resin bound surfacing offers tarmac-like quality. It shows strength and durability beyond compare.

Aesthetic appeal

If you want to improve your pavement to impress your visitors, you won’t go wrong with resin. The final results look natural. You also have a wide range of stone sizes and colours to choose from. The unique look will make you feel excited about the idea of using resin for your pathway or driveway.

Sunlight does not affect resin

You won’t worry that constant exposure to sunlight will weaken your pathway. The resin is UV stable. It means that it won’t easily damage due to the materials used. It also does not easily discolour and will retain its quality for years to come.


You might think that given these advantages, you will end up spending a lot on resin bound surfacing. The truth is that it is so affordable that you might want to start the construction immediately. You might also want to consult with experts like the SureSet paving specialists to determine what will be best for the project.

You can also speak with them if you intend to improve a commercial area. These experts know what to do and what changes to make to meet your needs.

You can ask them to do the job once you finish consultation, or you can buy the materials needed for construction from them. You can decide which service you need based on how much you can afford.


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