Three Beautiful Home Renovations

Three Beautiful Home Renovations

Thinking about renovating a property? Whether it’s a home, vacation property, or guest house, there is a world of possibilities when thinking about remodelling. Below are some opportunities that might help with the decision-making process. They are all fabulous ways to increase market value and turn a house into a home.

Enchanting Entrances

The front door and entryway are the first things that a visitor sees when he or she comes over. Why not make a grand first impression with a beautiful exterior? An Auckland renovations company can transform a house into an enchanting home that will be a welcome haven after a long day. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a gorgeous front door and walking through it to a home that is all one’s own. It also makes for great conversation when friends and family stop by.

There are many options when it comes to sprucing up the exterior or entrance to a property. There are few things as welcoming as a lovely front porch. A porch is a great place to spend the evenings with loved ones or even alone with a good book or glass of wine. Small porches add an intimate touch to a cosy place while wraparounds make a statement and welcome guests to relax and hang out. A new front door is another possibility that can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a house. Homeowners can have their say on which hardware they want for door knobs and handles as well as the glass type they would like on the windows.

Kitchen Remodelling

Moving inside of the house, most people love the idea of a remodelled kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home for many people. It is a versatile room with many uses throughout day-to-day activities. Kids do their homework at the kitchen table, meal prep covers the countertops on the weekends, and groups of people congregate in the kitchen during parties. This is a busy place from morning until night! It deserves to look in prime condition with modern features that are functional and beautiful.

A kitchen remodel can take on many forms depending on the client. Some people want new cabinets or countertops while others want to tear out the flooring and replace it with something better. Others go for a complete overhaul with new floors, cabinets, appliances, and more. There is no one right way to renovate this room but there are a lot of ways to make it personalised.

Basement Expansion

The basement may not be the focal point of a home but it can be very useful. A basement expansion can bring more space to an area and that extra space really comes in handy. For example, it could be a guest bedroom or a playroom for the kids. It could become a den, study, or perhaps a home gym or theatre. A bigger basement means more room for chores such as laundry but also more room for fun such as movie watching and game nights!

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